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Michael Kors Handbag Sale Outlet UK Online

Welcome to our michael kors handbag online store to choose one piece for your active lifestyle! Michael Kors purses mean the latest in trends.

Today, Michael Kors handbags almost all products' design and development "are on the headquarters of the Bank of Korea operation of the door, that is, designed by Michael Kors, michael kors outlet uk online from product design to development to this part, arranged by the World door.

In recent years, Europe has experienced a series of old luxury financial crisis, the Chinese government corruption and other twists and turns, to varying degrees, there have been landslides michael kors handbag sale uk market performance, and to Michael Kors luxury brand as the representative of the light because the price is relatively close to the people, and rapidly changing modern design fame.

Not only cheaper, but also varied, catch up with the trend, according to the old way is not. European cottage only slow, low yields, trade unions also very "tough", not only to give artisans a high salary, but also to meet a lot of money every year for a long time and vacation benefits.

An interview a few years ago, an Italian men's executives told michael kors outlet online uk reporters that the brand open to mature tailor salary, equivalent to 750,000 yuan.

2013, when Hermes announced that it will vote in France to build a factory, when more than 600 people, the Italian luxury brand Tardini head of Greater China Bin He commented that it was a "fairly large factory" in Europe. Hermes also stressed that he did not forget Foreign therefore create such michael kors online outlet uk "substantial" contribution to employment. The world door factory in China as many as thousands of employees.

Light luxury brands were never looking for trouble, and they did not hesitate to turn their attention to China Guangdong Michael Kors, Coach, Burberry, Kate Spade, Tory Burch has been Guangzhou, Dongguan and other cities friends for years, and their order in the Guoshi door, era of leather, partitioned between Guangdong factory Lai-tai of these old foundries . Assigned to each brand every order from time to time there will be some fluctuations, but generally the rain descends, the brand will deliberately avoid excessive concentration of risk a particular order in a foundry brought.

In 2011, reporters in the era of leather found in the prospectus, Prada, Coach commissioned era of leather has 10 years of history. For Prada, this is the "Chinese foundry," first surfaced, but Coach is, what is the big deal? Coach has always been something of OEM Tan sway, they clearly recognized not only in China foundry, also declared a few years ago, China has been too expensive, to move to Southeast Asia.

And Coach similar, as a listed company Michael Kors no cover their large and complex foundry chain public, reminding investors that may result in a wide variety of risks. Today, anyone can michael kors uk online download the company's 2014 earnings, it is not difficult to read this information:

Michael Kors OEM segment has two main roles - subcontractors and foundries. Brands with "buy" way to buy products from the hands of subcontractors, and subcontractors are holding Michael Kors order to find foundries in the world, as the order was partitioned between foundries "made the job of the" based on the price of foundry, production levels, capacity and future capacity space.

Foundries all over the world to come forward managed by subcontractors, subcontractors task is very arduous. They want the entire production chain supervision, if spare parts to be produced separately, or you need to make semi-finished products and then to other factories decorative molding, subcontractors are required to coordinate the process. Subcontractors have to worry about transportation products, the cost, the price to find ways to control.