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Michael Kors Report wrote:. "Foundries and subcontractors michael kors wallet under the close supervision of our global manufacturing sector as well as in North America, Europe and Asia, our purchasing agents at headquarters and our largest subcontractor has 10 years of cooperation Its main business is in Hong Kong, subcontracting our product sales of 12.6%. Our biggest foundry in China, this year we produced 30.4% of the finished product. "

This is 30.4 percent of Chinese foundries, referring to the Guangzhou World door?

Michael Kors also said, do not sign any agreement between michael kors wallets the Company and any one foundry, all relationships are made in the Shang Dynasty intermediary role on subcontracting to take care of.

2013 and 2014 fiscal years, an average of each subcontractor, about 12.6% to 14.0% production. 2014 fiscal year, in dollar terms, Michael Kors approximately 97.8% of the products are michael kors wallets on sale manufactured in Asia and Europe. Foundries dispersion that require long distance transportation, the whole industry chain will bring some risks.

The attitude of "origin", perhaps one of the "new luxury" and the difference between genes "old luxury."

Hermes, LV, Prada founded the 19th century and early 20th century, Europeans think, in addition to the "workshop", but also where the production of leather goods, industrial production cheap michael kors wallets did not spread far from the closed industry. And wait until Coach 1941 founded, Michael Kors brand was born in 1981, the world has become flat, Asian countries at very low prices and sufficient labor demand for carrying large-scale industrial production.

The United States is such a supreme efficiency, the commercialization of everything to the extreme state, light luxury brand in the beginning of the birth is not faced with a difficult choice: in the United States, a low-end manufacturing withdraw depleted national flower big the price of production, or toward cheap michael kors wallets free shipping the professional, efficient, low-cost Chinese?

Pure American descent Coach and Michael Kors camel instinct to be able to "outsourcing" have "outsourced", and let the professional responsibility for the professional aspect, it is normal American logic.